Perhaps the most terrifying event in most people's lives occurs every year when they submit their income tax return.  A fact of life that is common to almost all individuals and businesses is the requirement by various levels of government to pay taxes and often file tax returns.  Some of those taxes have been rendered fairly painless at least in terms of their administration such as the payment of sales taxes or the payment of employment taxes through payroll deductions while others such as the aforementioned federal and state income tax returns still cause worry and fear to many people.  Tax complaince (e.g. the reporting and paying of the proper amount of tax) affect practially every person and every business in areas such as:

   Income state (state and federal)

   Property taxes (real and personal)

   Sales and Use taxes

    Payroll and employment taxes

    Estate, gift, and inheritance taxes

    Franchise and excise taxes

    Gross receipt and general business taxes

    Informational reporting (1099, 1098, 1096, 990, 1065, etc.)

Dealing with the complexities of complaince with the myraid of federal, state, and local tax complaince is one that consumes a great deal of effort by many businesses and individuals.  The assistance of competent counsel can often prove useful in sorting through the many issues facing businesses and individuals in these areas.